Who We Are

We are a set of dynamic and passionate individuals forming a cohesive team with specialism in design, project management and innovative procurement.

It’s true that we create beautiful interiors, supply high quality products and offer high service level, but it is the fundamental underlying qualities of our ethos that make us what we are.

Our highly collaborative and holistic approach to projects naturally places us to be the key coordinating element, bringing together the stakeholders, interpreting and consolidating their various requirements into a deliverable project that everyone can be pleased with.

Three things drive us:

  1. Being creative but realistic
  2. Having a maker’s mindset
  3. Striving to exceed expectations


Daniel James

Managing Director

Daniel heads up the leadership team with his thoroughly applied systematic approach to business and ensures we remain focused on our goals.

Jake Whiteside

Business Development Director

Jake is responsible for the development of the business through exceptional client relationships.  A firm believer in our Trusted Value Design process, he is driven by a desire to exceed expectations.

Bruce James

Projects Director

Bruce has a passion for operational processes and systems that make things easier, smoother and leaner.

Trish Whiteside

Accounts Administrator

Trish manages the day to day running of the accounts team, ensuring everything is up to date, balanced, and running smoothly.

Alfie Whiteside

Design Manager

Alfie enjoys working with clients to help them discover the interior aesthetics best suited to their Location, brand, and market position. Experience of working with tight budgets gives him a keen focus on thorough sourcing and design of elements
that bring the most impact for the investment.

Aaryanna James

Executive Assistant

Aaryanna supports the leadership team across all aspects of the company. Hardwork and efficiency combined make her the indispensable team member she is.

Aga Grabias-Jankowska

Projects Coordinator

We deliver some very complex projects, and in the background we have Aga coordinating task management across all of the teams, a busy role that puts her in touch with all colleagues on a daily basis.

Dan Parkins

Contracts Manager

With a background in high end joinery and international experience, Dan is the one who makes sure projects are run the Envisage way and has an overarching responsibility across pre and post contract activities.

Why Choose Us


Removing a blame culture and creating a positive mindset keeps everyone focused on the project, not the contract.


People deal with people here. Almost all our communication is directly between individuals or in teams and happens face to face or online.


Mutual confidence allows projects to move faster through free and open communication, quicker decision-making, early identification of challenges and rapid execution of solutions.


Quality product, quality personnel, quality communication. Just get it right.