Trusted Value Design

Throughout the built environment the traditional method of procurement typically involves a lengthy design and specification process in view of creating enough information for a tender process to be activated.

The tender process itself can also be a lengthy one with multiple communications and clarifications, changes to spec, alternative offerings, extension of deadlines etc, etc.  Then the whole thing is thrown up in the air when all prices come back in way above budget, and another lengthy ‘Value Engineering’ process kicks off, with the contract finally being awarded to the company who was the preffered provider from the get go.

Our Trusted Value Design process shortens, simplifies and streamlines the process from concept to completion and even makes it more enjoyable.  There are some basic rules:


1) We need to know the end from the beginning.  Who is going to use the space? What does it need to look like, and what are the operational requirements?

2) What are the timings?  When will the doors open?

3) We have to talk numbers from the start.  This can start with a range, or a Gold-Silver-Bronze discussion, but ulitimately we have to arrive at a value that all stakeholders are happy with, including ourselves.

This is the Trusted Value.  It means the client trusts us to deliver the right result within the value.  It means we are confident that we can do just that.